canvaspace flyers and gift vouchers

last month i was given the opportunity to work with a new company called canvaspace. run by the very lovely anne wagstaff from her beautiful home tucked away in the kent countryside, anne hosts craft courses in a beautifully purpose built barn. the courses, which are taught by practicing crafts men and women range from abstract painting to photoshop and felting.

i was approached by anne to design some eye catching flyers and gift vouchers and i really wanted them to stand out from the deluge that are often left in cafes, coffee shops and libraries.

the flyers, which were designed to fold on the diagonal, contain a short introduction into anne's fabulous business, with the logo and invitation to 'unfold your creative side' on the front and web address and contact details cleverly displayed on the reverse.


anne's gift vouchers also had the same treatment, with the idea that we really wanted them to stand out from the crowd and make the recipient excited to receive them. again, going along the diagonal theme, the dl sized gift vouchers were designed to be folded, with a small trim in the centre, for either a pencil, paintbrush, or something representative of the course purchased to be added to the card. perfect for christmas. ;)

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