an enlightened project

i've been recently commissioned by a fabulous little gift and homewares shop with big plans in tunbridge wells called love inc ltd. i met hannah, the owner and all round interior design guru a few months ago when she commissioned me to design some flyers to promote the online shop's website launch. i of course, wanted to create something a little bit quirky, something a teensy bit eye-catching and a lot nostalgic, to fit into the shops retro and eclectic ethos. 

so, after a bit of an evocative trip down memory lane, i came up with the idea of putting together a paper fortune teller. yeah, you know, those things we made at school folded from a square of paper. instead of telling your fortune, my designs were filled with eight random acts of kindness, with a special 10% shop discount in the centre. 

digitally printed onto 210x210mm square of uncoated paper, the design, once mastered on my mac was relatively inexpensive to produce, which goes to show, you don't need to spend a fortune to get something that'll stand out from the crowd. the shop staff were given the job of folding each flyer, but many customers would take away a flat design to fold themselves.

after this commission, hannah then asked me to get involved with producing a range of exclusive candle designs for the shop. hand lettered and typed with a selection of quotes, the candle designs are etched into a glass votive which glows beautifully when lit.

perfumed with a delicious array of scents, the candles have already been a hit. they've been picked up by other retailers in tunbridge wells and are of course for sale via love inc's online shop.